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A Day with Marion Pascale

Spend a day with the fashionable blogger Marion Pascale as she shares her favorite looks and beauty tips.

Spend a day with the fashionable blogger Marion Pascale as she shares her favorite looks and beauty tips. Today, Marion showcases how to create a stylish and elegant beach look featuring swimwear from Séane.

Marion Pascale

Morning: Getting Ready

Marion starts her day with her morning routine, which includes skincare and preparation for a photo shoot. She uses her favorite products like La Mer and Dr. Barbara Sturm to hydrate and protect her skin from the sun's rays.

Marion Pascale Marion Pascale

Inspiration from Séane

The main element of today's look is a luxurious black bandeau bikini with a white Rose from Séane. This swimsuit not only looks chic but also highlights the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion, using recycled Italian lycra with high UV protection. Check out the Rose Bandeau Bikini Top in black here.

Séane Rose Bandeau Bikini Top in blackSéane Rose Bandeau Bikini Top in black look

Accessory Inspiration

To complete the look, Marion selects a few stylish accessories. She adds gold earrings that bring sophistication and elegance to the ensemble, along with classic black sunglasses. A white handbag and comfortable headphones complete the look, creating the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Skincare and Haircare Tips

Marion shares her tips for skincare and haircare after a day at the beach. She recommends using aloe-based moisturizers for the skin and nourishing conditioners for the hair to restore moisture and prevent dryness.

Evening: Relaxation and Planning

After finishing the photo shoot and enjoying a sunny day, Marion spends the evening relaxing and planning new projects. She shares her plans and inspiration with her followers, emphasizing the importance of balancing work and relaxation.

Join Marion Pascale on her stylish journey and get inspired to create your own fashionable looks.


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