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Travel Essentials️: Séane's Founder's choice

In the sections below, I've categorized these discoveries for your exploration.

Exploring work-life balance has become an essential matter for me since I’ve decided to make a shift towards more responsible and mindful living.
I adore creative ideas and thought-through details,
and here is my go-to list of lifesavers for traveling:

Beach - 1

Yoga On the Go: The Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

The Jade Yoga Voyager mat is lightweight and foldable, which makes it perfect for traveling. To my mind, everyday practices improve my overall mood and make me feel more connected to the world, which allows me to enjoy the vacation at its most.





Versatile Style: Séane's Black Bandeau Top

The black bandeau top from Séane matched with the Rose, creates a stunning look perfect for sunbathing and a beach party.
The one thing I particularly love about this item is its versatility (more than 15 ways to style it and counting).

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Stay Refreshed: Chilly's Travel Bottle

Chilly’s travel bottle is exceptionally lightweight and preserves fresh water, keeping its temperature for 10 hours.
I enjoy the brand’s responsible approach and its choice of materials, which are mainly recycled.




Skin Love: Moisturizing Stick Creams

Moisturizing stick creams are a beautiful alternative to traditional creams for airplane travel.
Easy to apply, it helps to recharge skin and feel fresh.


With these carefully curated travel essentials, I embark on my adventures with a sense of purpose, style, and responsibility.
They enrich my journey and help me maintain a harmonious balance between my everyday practices and the joys of exploring new horizons.

Vlada Kaplun

Vlada Kaplun, Séane Founder


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