We are Séane – a sustainable, conscious, slow-fashion beachwear brand that celebrates women’s inner beauty, diversity and authenticity. Powered and inspired by women, our pieces are as diverse as the women who wear them. 

Born in the Baltic countries, our swimwear is available throughout Europe and the UK, the US and the United Arab Emirates. Séane – our brand name – originates from three powerful words (seen, serene and sea), chosen to demonstrate our commitment to you: we see you, we value your authenticity and we recognise your needs

Sustainability and practicality are as important to us as the design itself. We’re fully committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and our timeless and iconic garments balance comfort, style, sophistication and function in perfect harmony. Our expert team thoughtfully design every garment, with each piece painstakingly produced using the finest recycled high-performance Italian lycra, hand-picked for its high UV protection and resistance to chlorine and suncream, and each design is wear-tested by us personally to guarantee uncompromising performance and unparalleled comfort for the ultimate sea experience.

We are Séane – made by women, powered by women, inspired by women.